Merry Christmas

Hope you and yours are enjoying Christmas and having a great time.

My daughter Sara and husband Kevin made it up for Christmas and the adventure begins. 10 minutes after getting on the sled Kev's going over the "Gully"

We wanted to use the sled to go and get the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, the snow was just too soft so we used snow shoes. Our friend James, gave us a hand.Sara got the ski-do bug and Christmas day she will give it a try on the road and over the fields and through the trees.We were up late last night decorating the tree after the do at the Endako Hall. Fun for all.


Patrick said…
merry Christmas bro. hope you are having a great one . We are actually getting snow here in the city. first in 11 years... You sure look like you are enjoying your winter wonderland..give everyone a squeeze from us. love your sis lori

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