The Cat's Meow

My brain is working on a database problem. Well, solution actually. As it likes to do from time to time, it sends me off to do something else while it's working. To get out of the way, as it were.

I am rewiring parts of the house to provide more outside outlets and an emergency lighting and backup power system. Eventually, I want to have the computer rooms all powered from battery backups via an inverter. We have notoriously bad power here, with spikes and brownouts a daily occurance. Using a battery/inverter system will provide an industrial strength power conditioner and UPS for our working computers.

I decided to add some outlets to the front of the house. We don't have enough and the one we do have needed to be extended by an inch and a half to account for the rigid foam insulation we used to insulate the floor joists. I have some electrician friends and my ego just couldn't stand them seeing the plethora of extension cords snaking around the house. In a former life I was an electrican for Pete's sake! I could have just slapped on some ready made surface mounted GFI's but they are kind of ugly not to mention expensive. I opted instead to put two inch electrical boxes in 12" X 14" half round logs. Looks a lot nicer seeing we live in a log house.

This demanded cleaning out the workshop. I am also in the middle of rebuilding a 10" table saw and it's parts were all over my 8' X 8' work table.

As an aside, it was also time to get our shop cat, Boose, back to her stomping grounds. She hasn't been fitting in well with the other three house cats. Blackie, the undisputed, master picked on her mercillessly. He even chewed a bit of her ear. Well, to Boose it was like going home. Nice warm electric blanket to sleep on. Plenty of food and water and fresh litter. The occasional suicidal mouse. A wood fire going ( backed up with electric heaters ) and a lap to sit on and discuss project progress. Her own place. She let's me share it.


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