Singin' in the Rain

I went into town and had the local Autosense shop fix me up with a replacement main hydraulic hose for the skid-steer. On the way back I drove through a rainstorm! Go Figure. It's plus 5c and the water is pouring off of the roofs with a heavy chinook wind blowing. that's like a 31 degree rise in temperature in a couple of days.

I got the skidsteer back in operation and managed to get the yard cleaned out. I got stuck last night in my round about, coming home from Stellaquo and had to shovel my self out as the Skidsteer wasn't going yet.

Hopefully that will be the last of the snow fall, but as Jo-Ann points out: it snowed a lot later than this last year.

Hope springs eternal. Our friend, Audrey, just faxed me her seed order for the year.
Time to start thinking about gardening.


Carol Browne said…
Hi Art! I nominated you for this award -

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