Gone Buggy

Don't know what this guy is but it's big. About an inch and a quarter long. With an ant like head. Come on you entomologists out there. What is it. Is it from this planet? Looks very ant like to me. But giant size.

A pan 'o gold. Well, green gold. O.K. it's just dandelion greens with a sprinkling of some other tender things.

Local beef, local greens. The Garlic wasn't local - yet. And the red and brown rice wasn't local. Now that's something I will miss when the meltdown happens. Anyway, I bought a handpowerd potato ricer at the second hand shop the other day. No one even knew what it was. I remembered it from my youth. It was one of my Dad's favorite ways of serving potatoes - riced with home made butter ( which I detested at the time ) and salt and pepper.

Well the rubber hits the garden today. Hopefully I can get the rest of the tire tops done. If anyone is interested let me know and I can post some drawings or pictures of how the system works.


Wendy said…
I'm interested. I would love to see more about your tire gardens.

Dinner looks fantastic, by the way! I actually served dandelion greens the other day, but I was the only one who ate them. Silly family :).

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