Space Man Spiff

My Sweetie Pie took pity on my constantly running nose and scratchy eyes whenever I work in the shop. I am alergic to wood dust and probably a few other things, Like cat dander, altho that isn't a problem in the shop. She bought me a nifty dust mask set up that has a battery powered filter that forces cool clean air over the faceplate. No dust, No sniffles. Wish I would have had a few of these when we ground all the logs down when we moved in.

...And If I wear my holster with laser sighted drill - well the effect is just overwhelming. The space alien invaders have been staying away in droves. A suspicious helicopter overflew the place yesterday just above the tree line. Right over the retired Garden. When I looked out the kitchen window it appeared lower than my veranda. Honest guys it really is just veggies I am growing.

She also got me a replacement for the dilapidated and shredded earphones I wear when I am working with the skidsteers. This one is from Lee Valley and has a built in radio. Such luxury. Beethoven while I am shifting garden dirt from the Barn patch to the Re-Tired garden.

We got the garden fully planted yesterday. The usual list of culperts. Spuds ( Yukon Golds), turnips, beets, cabbage, carrots, soybeans, onions, kholorabi, spinich, lettuce, white and red radishes, tomatoes: roma and tumblers ( the tumblers have little green tomatoes on them), spaghetti squash, butter squash, swiss chard and parsnips. We will also add a few other things and plant some flowers around the place.

We're a little late planting this year. The season was late in coming and we spent a lot of time getting the tire system going. Next year will be a lot easier. And hopefully we'll have our own green house for plantings.
This gardening can be quite "tireing." Just look at the hired help at the end of the day:


Cathy L said…
OMG, Art you are so dashing.
Viki said…

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