Gone Yellow

Yesterday the eastern hill side was green. Today it is tinged yellow with dandelions. A euphoric explosion of yellow. And with any luck some spring table greens. I am drawn to a french method of sauteing them with garlic, butter and bacon - but were out of bacon.

Quite nice. It is still mostly overcast and not to warm. Well-it's 15C. But with a strong West wind it seems cooler.

Next on the spring flower parade will be the white and black chamomiles. Chamomile tea anyone?

Very warm in the tires. I still have a day or so of cutting tires and then I can finish planting and installing the rest of the drip irrigation systems.

Just got back from a Funeral. My first girlfriends Mom died. I haven't seen her in about forty years. She is quite a bit older than I remembered. And married to an old guy. Jeez how does that happen. Good thing we don't get old all at once. That would be quite a shock.

This is a picture of our outside cat Boose.(Carrier = "cat") She has taken over the garden. I think the mice are in for a bit of a shock this summer. She likes to hang around on the top of the tires that have horticultural cloth glued to them. Kind of like a cat size trampoline, with the added bonus of hot air from the tires acting as a butt warmer.

A shoulder without a cat on it must be a little colder..


Cathy L said…
Wow your so multi talented
Kevin said…
HOW CAN YOU BE OUT OF BACON? That is blasphemy...did you have some company staying over that ate it all?

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