Big Iron

These are some photos of a couple of mowers. From what I can google they are turn of the century items. Obviously well made. I wonder if anything we make out of metal, especially farm equiptment will still be here a hundred years from now?
This is a John Deere:

The hub:
The cross arm:
Made in Moline:
And a Canadian mower. It looks "plenty skookum" also.
The name plate:
I can still see the John Deere green on the JD one but have no idea of the Frost & Wood colour. I would like to paint them and put them on some concrete pedestals down at the Savory Road entrance, as part of the entrance spiffy up project.

It's really neat to see how well made and consequently durable these things were. A little bit of spit and polish a cutter bar and a couple of well trained steeds and they could be put to use.


Anonymous said…
Don't PAINT them, if you want to protect them them varnish the the ol' things look great just like that! DO display them - if you make a concrete pedestal better chain them to the concrete...just my opinion..... love U e
Art Blomquist said…
Anonymous, I did have a rethink about painting them. The rust isn't a big issue, and I will be chaining them to a pedestal rather than burying them in concrete.These things have been around for a hundred years so I would like to preserve them and pass them on.

We donated a very old wooden thresher to the museum in Fraser Lake.

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