The Cows Come Home

As I mentioned yesterday it was freezing around here. Snow coming down. In Prince George, 175 klicks East of us, they had to get the snow plows out. A friend of mine saw five cars in the ditch at 9 a.m. on his way in to Prince.

Jo-Ann looked out the window and gasped: " There's cows out there!". Sure enough, the motley crew had arrived. Problem was the fence around the house was cut on the Northern side for Walapini and drainage ditch construction.

We swung into action. Jo-Ann driving a skid-steer bucket with all the fencing supplies. I handed her a bucket of jujubes and she promptly lost a major crown. Today were off to a dentist in Burns Lake. Well it's five degrees Celsius from frost as we speak! Jo-Ann has sworn off jujubes.

By the time we cobbled together a gate and patched the barbwire up the cows had disapeared. Only fooling I guess.

When we get some time probably tomorrow we will make a proper gate out of some steel gates we bought at an auction last year. I also want to make a gate at the end of the tire garden so that we have a more direct route from the pits to the garden.

One of the tools I end up using a lot of around here is a barbwire fence puler. Very handy for re-stretching barbwire. I am going to make a few mods to it to make it easier to attach it to an end post.

Any way a day off- to take Jo-Ann to the dentist (the only one she could find within 200 kilometres) And pick up some supplies.


Kevin said…
Those damn Jubejubes are dangerous! I think they are made by dentists.
Art Blomquist said…
As Sara can attest to. Jo-Ann's sworn off now. I guess we will have to switch to marshmallows...

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