Making the Moats Out of Life..

Just the thing you want to see when your having your morning cupa and thinking" Darn rain - wanted to work in the Garden.." And I wasn't joking when I said I just took the winter tires off of the Toyota and the Van.

My brother Tiny came up day before yesterday and dug a swale, well moat around the North, or uphill side of the main house. This will capture all the spring snow melt that previously rushed down the roads and hillsides and flowed through the yard. One benefit of this will be to fill a new pond just west of the Garden. Splash party for the doggies. And if I make it big enough and put in a pond liner..and a diving board...hmmm.

Yesterday we tried out a new load mover in the back of Betsy Ford, the yard 4X4.

A poor man's dump truck.

The gravel was shuttled from the new pit we opened up. Kinda marred the ultra light landing zone, but I will flatten it all out with the Cat later. That load of gravel in the tail gate might not look like much but its a heaping bucket load. And about all the load handler can handle.

we put six loads of gravel on the driveway and guess who did the skidsteer work? I can't tell you because she is going to post pictures on her blog but her initials start with Jo-Ann.

The trick to making the load handler work is making sure the truck bed is clean and slippery.
Not bad for an hours work. After this we picked up a bucket full of rocks. Well I picked up the rocks while some other un named person gleefully drove the skidsteer.

While we were doing the driveway we looked up and spotted the second bear, the first one on our property. O.K. you will have to squint its the little black dot top of picture. I think it heard the dogs by then and dissapeared pretty quickly.
It will be interesting to see if they come any closer with two hounds baying at them.

I bet you recognized the coffee filters and grinds from Starbucks near my daughters home in Coquitlam. Here we just call it composte. And the world, and pile turns.


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