The Sand Man..

I took a break for about an hour from making Octagons ( eight more to go) yesterday and went and dug a couple of test holes at the site of the new gravel pit we will be opening up soon. Just to see what was there.

I got a bucket full of some pretty nice gravel, mostly 1 inch or smaller and without a lot of clay. Pretty much ideal for a top dressing on the yard and driveway. Cleo is removing any rocks larger than two inches and smaller than her head. She's a definite Rock Hound. Xena is explaining the geomorphology of glacial moraine gravels. And offering to demonstrate by playing redball.

But the neat surprise was finding a seam of very nice clear sand. Always a useful thing to have around the enterprise. This stuff is clean enough that I could use it to make concrete. And that is something that is very useful. Just ask the Romans.
Next week we will be opening up the proposed pit with an excavator just to see what's what, and hopefully stockpiling fifty or so yards of material. It's a wonderfully clear day today right now about 7C (44.60F)and promising to hit 18C(64.40F) later in the day. The tire garden had frost on the plastic lids but the soil temperature was 10C(50F). Maybe this weekend the first of the Lettuce gets planted. Maybe some Turnips. We're germinating some seeds we saved from last year's crop to see if they are viable. Keeping our green fingers crossed.


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