Getting our Crap Together..

Sitting here this morning we are watching a bizarre scene out our kitchen window. Hummingbirds swarming the feeders oblivious to the snow storm behind them. Were having porridge to fortify us before the morning walk. What to wear? I put away the snow boots.. However Jo-Ann did pick up a couple pairs of Arctic wear socks at the trading post in town.

On a side note we are saddened to hear of the trading post's upcoming closure- if no one will buy it. It means a 100 kilometer trip to get propane. and good quality work clothes and the only chainsaw retailer from Vanderhoof to Burns lake. The reason seems to be that not enough locals are supporting local businesses. You can get it cheaper in Prince George. only 400 klicks round trip. And it has a casino..

During our walk yesterday we spotted the first flower of the season:

It's yellow and the greens are tasty.. Jo-Ann is knitting it a parka.

We spent the rest of the day planting the remaining bare tires in the garden. Except for some turnips that we are planting in a couple of tires ( Nine tires in total for 'nips and rutabagas) and some parsnips (one tire) that are soaking in the kitchen. The turnip seeds came from our crop last year and we are very interested to see if they will produce. We did a germinate test and they all seemed to sprout- a good sign. We will be adding a dozen more potato plantings and a few more tires of kale and what ever else meets our fancy.

We brought down a half dozen pickup loads of soil from the top foot of the the sand pit location.
Looks like really nice stuff - almost a sandy loam. Jo-Ann added some dried cow flops ( herbal magic brand ) while I loaded the truck. Here's s a pic of Jo-Ann getting her 'er, Sh*t together. For want of a better expression:
I just never imagined that collecting crap, the literal stuff, not the metaphorical meaning, would be something that I would be interested in. Ah well, one cow's crap is another man's fertilizer. And having priced that stuff out lately ( the non-organic kind) I do appreciate the free, natural stuff. And it's easier to spot than worm poop. Way bigger. Each tire in the garden seems to have a plentiful supply of worms so I am pretty sure we're getting a lot of worm poo - er castings. Must be good 'cuz the local green house sells it weight for weight with gold.

After we got the soil down near the garden - with supervisors Cleo and Xena taking a break from running back and forth:

We unloaded it in a pile next to our growing compost/dirt pile. The large pile is a lot of the topsoil with clay. For some fool reason I had removed it to make a "conventional" garden. Before realizing what 2b as a growing area meant.
Jo-Ann sifted it in order to blend it all together. I did the rock picking and sod removal. Worked really well.
I had to demonstrate proper earth moving techniques and I think she picked it up pretty well. 'Fer a gurl, who admits to never playing earth mover in a sand pile.
Who's idea was it anyway to show her where the horn was...


Denise E said…
LOL! Is the air a little thin up there on the Hill.

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