Boyz 'N Toyz

My Brother Tiny just got a new toy. He plans on renting it out for light excavation work. The great thing about this one is that he has trailer that will handle it so it is very mobile, Unlike the big one that pretty much stays parked at our place.

During our morning walk today we had to huddle under a Spruce tree a couple of times to get out of the hail. Two days after the tomatoes went in the tires..

The tips of all the Poplar trees are quickly turning green. Almost over night. Yesterday we noticed, despite the near freezing weather, that they got greener as the day progressed- despite the atrocious weather. Mother Nature breaks out. Today on our walk between hails we even noticed strawberry plants starting to come out. These are the little tiny ones about the size of your little finger nail. I have never had the patience to pick a decent amount for a pie.

We are upgrading the entrance to the place. Complete with a tree arch and a white 2 X 6 fence. So fare we have the lumber and a plan. Project timing will be after a few we have on the go now.


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