Cool Strategy

I feel just a little bad about whining about the heat with what my friends in the lower mainland are putting up with. But relativly speaking going from 5 to 30℃( 41 to 86℉) is a pretty wide spread. We have developed a few strategies for dealing with the heat wave. For example we get up early to do any chores we have to get done before the sun turns to scorch. And of course lot's of cool refreshing beverages. There is nothing like water to quench the thirst. The Dogs prefer the taste of water right from the hose. And of course the ultimate in cool off— popsicles:
Xena has clearly passed on the lick and chomp method of hogging the whole Popsicle to her Sister Cleo who took to it with Olympic finesse.
Oh well, I am collecting Popsicle sticks anyway. We've been on the hunt for those plastic home Popsicle makers but haven't found any in Fraser Lake or Burns Lake. I have plans for a frozen yogurt concoction with a stick.

Another thing we use is gel filled neckerchiefs. I can't remember where we bought these ones, perhaps it was Surplus Herbies in Kamloops. If you Google it you can find plans and sources for making your own. They work by cooling the carotid arteries on both sides of the neck and make an amazing difference for quite a while.

To replenish them just soak in water. To make them truly magic, keep them in a water filled plastic container in the fridge. Chilling.
Ice cold watermelon is not an option but a requirement.

Stay Cool.


Yeoman said…
The neckerchiefs surprise me. I wouldn't have thought of them in this fashion.

Around here, in the winter, they're very common as an added method of keeping the cold wind from whipping in. Ranchers regard them as so vital that I've often been offered one. You know who your real friends are when it's -30F and people are offering you their clothes. Having said that, I've never worn one for some reason.
Endako Jo said…
This is more than just a piece of fabric. It is filled with gel pellets that swell and hold water when soaked before wearing. When not in use, the pellets dry out again and it can be stored til needed again. I've even seen them in hats and vests worn by the armed forces.
Carol Browne said…
You, too! Stay cool. Good idea with the iced neckerchief idea.

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