Independance Day

Happy 4th of July to all my friends next door. Hope your having a great time!

The weather has warmed up a bit. We haven't had to light a fire for a few days now. It's been really interesting this year to watch the progression of wild flowers. Now were in the Scentless Chamomile(Matricaria maritima) phase- which is often mistaken for Shasta Daisies. It looks like we've woken to snow in the far fields.

The wild roses are in full bloom:

I have been trying to fit some "fun" projects into the mix. Like getting a table saw rebuilt. I had one given to me that was left out in the rain. It ran, has a great 2 h.p. motor but it was pretty much rusted shut. I am restoring it to better than factory condition. I tore it all down, cleaned up all the rust and old gunked up trunnions and am polishing and repainting everything before I bolt it all back together.

When I am done I should have a pretty handy addition to the shop. I am working with a minuscule table saw now that really can't cut a straight line consistently no matter how I try and tune it up.

Yesterday I got the skid steer drive back together and with the carburetor rebuild it is acting like a new machine. Now to rebuild all the wiring and gauges..

Today's project is getting some handrails on the back steps. Jo-Ann had a bad fall off of them ( don't wear Crocs on wet steps) so it's been moved up the priority list. Not having made a set of handrails before It will be good practice for the ones on the front steps which are about twelve feet long. I was thinking something funky with branches.


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