"To the moon, Alice!"

Forty years ago today I was sitting in a small pizza place on Hastings street in Burnaby near Sperling Avenue. I was with my wife and two friends Bev and Bob. We watched the ghostly images of Neil Armstrong making the first tentative step on an extraterrestrial body. I remember feeling like it was a turning point in Human History, certainly " a giant leap for Mankind". I still do.

There is just a sliver of moon today, perhaps tonight I might be able to catch a glimpse. It sets at around 9 p.m. tonight so probably it won't be visible. I will certainly be looking. And wondering.

Were looking forward to spending some time with friends of ours RT, Rhoda and familly, Tommy and Molly. Looks like we are going to have a week that will actually give us some summer temperatures. Time to hill the spuds with straw. Maybe sneak a few new ones..

Xena is very interested in Orbs also. Especially ones that bounce. Here she is contemplating her next move:

Hope your having a great day.


Rhonda said…
We got free pizza that night, remember? An unforgettable night. Hope you are having a good summer, I hear you have a goal to achieve before your 60th, good for you. Drink lots of water. Cheers!

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