Hot Tamales

Well, no Tamales, but a whole lot of Hakurei Turnips. It has been a week of really hot weather with another week of it forecast. Now, I am only talking about late afternoon highs of 30℃(86℉). But around here, where at the start of the month it was almost freezing at night, that is HOT.

We have been getting up early to work in the garden and get our chores done in the cooler parts of the morning so we can hide from the afternoon heat in the luxurious cool of the house. The tire garden really needs a lot of water in this heat.
Somethings been eating our garden, especially the squash. I'm not sure what it is but it isn't pretty:
None the less, the squash have been really growing. I tied a couple of the Red October squash's up with some a high tech squash holder -- commonly called discarded socks. Well worn, and squash friendly:
We planted another couple of tires of Hakurei turnips. They are a fast growing delicious, mild
turnip that has more of a sweet radish texture.
We had saved some seed from last years turnip crop and were happy when they germinated and outgrew the new commercial seeds we had bought. Except that they didn't produce any turnips just went directly to seed:
Very puzzling. The commercial, store bought turnips are growing like gangbusters without any of them going to seed. I am at a loss. Can seeds be made to not grow another generation?

I may have left thinning some of the carrots a little to long.

We've been lounging about this afternoon munching on baby carrots from the thinning. Delicious.

Stay cool.


Viki said…
Doncha' know it's a commercialist plot! Yes, the new seeds are genetically engineered to not reproduce from the seed of their spawn--happens to grain growers all the time! That's how Monsanto was able to make their case stick against the Sask. farmer. Bastards
Art Blomquist said…
I have to learn more about this - or specifically how to grow my own seeds. Seed company extortion. What would happen if, God forbid, we had to grow our own food. We can't? We are going to try and let a few generations grow by to see if we can breed out any genetic blackmail..

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