Given the last week of rain I was pleasantly surprised by the progress the garden is making. A real treat was the Hakurei turnips we planted. They are a delicious crisp sweet white globe about two inches across and so tender you can eat them like an apple.

We had a pile left over after thinning and enjoyed them yesterday raw and in a stir fry. They are extremely fast growing, like a radish so we are hoping to get another crop before freeze up. Several of our cabbages have headed up - a little early for storage, but welcome none the less.

It was a Sunny yet slightly overcast day yesterday and it looks like it is going to be the same today. When we got up this morning it was warmer inside than outside - something that hasn't happened a lot this year.

A common site around the wetter areas and along the roadside ditches and depressions are Cow parsnips:
A very interesting and prolific plant. It is edible but caution is advised as it's juice can cause skin problems due to it's photo sensitizing properties. Apparently best eaten like stewed celery before it's bloomed. It's also reported that the flowers mixed with oil act as an insect repellent. Don't know if I'd want to be smearing it on my skin given the above mentioned photo sensitive properties.

We have noticed that the river hasn't flooded this year. Just not enough snow load from last winter.

Today's plans include a 10K walk. I'll see how I feel when I get back and decide if I want to start cutting up the winters wood. We are going to need a lot this year if we decide to heat the house, green house, and chicken pens with wood all winter. Around here that's +6 months.


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