We've cleaned out the yard so that I have plenty of room to stockpile snow at the Western edge of the house fence line. That should help the run off come spring. We don't want the water sluicing down the road where the house is, and the new gravel is laid. We cut a berm and ditch all around the North end of the House fence and that should divert all the water from the hill that is North of the house.

In order to keep the parking area as un cluttered as possible we moved the Boler between the Shop and Garden shed.

Tucked away out of the snow plow line. For those that have never heard of a Boler, they are a '70's era fiberglass travel trailer that were transmogrified from septic tank. We spent months at a time camping in ours. The last two years we were at the coast we spent every weekend in the Boler, rain or shine snow or whatever. We once spent a long weekend on a sandbar near Agassiz with a strong wind and -20 temperatures. The train would honk at us, the engineer waving, as it passed by. Our Boler has been heavily modified for off-road, all weather use. It sits on a specially built frame that allowed us to raise the height for off road use and insert two inches of insullation under the floor. It has two heat sources, a regular forced air furnace and a propane thrifty, catalytic heater. I have slept in it when it's -30. It has solar panels on the roof that keep a couple of deep cycle gel cells powered up. We had planned to live in the Boler while we built our off grid hideaway of 10 acres of remote bush land. How plans change.

Since we've moved here we have only been camping in it once. It's almost like every day is a get away around here and the urge to escape in the Boler every weekend has left us. Every now and then Xena and I spend a night ensconced in the Boler, a make believe camping trip.

I may have found the culprit with the hard starting Skid Steer. My brother Tom mentioned that he had replaced the ignition system and was unable to get the correct harness but matched the impedance of the spark plug wiring. While he was here yesterday we were playing with the wiring and proved the problem was with the 12 volt connections to the coil. They were just huji-balled on with stake on connectors. I salvage a ford ignition coil connector and voila instant start every time.

Were in the middle of a snow storm right now, the snow pummeling down almost horizontal from the East. I just might get to try the Skid Steer out before the day is done.

Hope your having a great day.


Mike Browne said…
Looks chilly up there. Good to see everyone's still kicking. :)
Art Blomquist said…
Well, as good as you can with snow shoes on!
Cathy L said…
That Boler sounds like a getaway sleepover for you coast friends. Of Course we would have to want to drive up there to the frozen north.
Art Blomquist said…
It is kinda nice inside. There are stars that glow in the night. The bed is very comfortable. And we have had guests sleep in it. But we also have a guest bedroom/storage area and several fold out overflow sleeping beds. Or we can even pitch a tent, or build an igloo! Whatever your preference.

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