When One Door Closes

This time it means that the garden shed project is complete to lockup stage.
This project just seemed to carry on and on. Still trim to put up, items to move in. The trim and deck will just wait until spring. Moving in can happen anytime I get the inclination and other projects don't increase in priority. The last thing was waiting while the paint dried. Actually it wasn't paint but some new-fangled water born stain. Seems oil based stains are now phased out in our area and only water based stains are available. I put four coats of stain over two coats of primer sealer and it still could use some more. The instructions demand a 12 hour drying time before recoating. It sure doesn't cover like the solid oil based stains I am used to. Reminds me of a Hank Hill episode where he gets his dander up about low flush toilets - that actually took six times as much water to work.

Speaking of priorities. I was a long time proponent of classical project management. Prioritizing what needs to be done and then doing it. There in lies the rub. In the real world priorities change, depending on a multitude of factors: equipment availability, parts, wild fires, snow storms - you name it. Most plans, to borrow a military phrase, don't survive the first encounter with reality.

I have used all types of planning systems throughout my 33 years of civic service and other business ventures. If there is a computerized planning and organizing system out there I probably have tried it. I still end up going back to paper. It's just quicker and never runs out of power. Right now I use a Harvard Planner A5 size system augmented with my own designed and printed forms. If your interested in paper planning systems check out the D*I*Y Planner site.

I've decided to change the classical ABC prioritization schemes. Now in Art's world:

  • A = The place will burn down if I don't do this now
  • B = Useful Project I can do, and
  • C = No big deal if it doesn't get done. The possible addition is:
  • D = Jeez, what a great idea - maybe one day time and money permitting..
Now the furnace fan is making noises like it wants to be released into the wild. I guess I'll go take a look at this B item.

Hope your running your projects and not the other way around.


Denise E said…
I can't even get the energy or desire to make a list. I just wing it most the time.

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