Snow Job

Managed to get the skidsteer up and running ( wire pulled out of coil connector) and got the gravel spread --

just before the Northern version of the Pine Apple express hit.

When I went to start up the beast to put chains on and bolt on the snow plow it refused. I guess it worked enough spreading the gravel so it wasn't ready for the next event. Whatever the case - I re fueled and put it on a charger. I will get to try and coax it to life again today. And remind myself that yelling at in-animate objects rarely achieves the desired outcomes. It's just a bafflement to me: Everything is running fine, turn machine off, refuses to start. Of course it could have something to do with the choke, I haven't been able to figure out how to set it up correctly.

A well, after talking gently to it and with a modicum a of pleading, and unplugging and plugging all the spark plug connectors it did fire up and I was able to get the joint plowed. The Snow Plow went by on Savory so that will be clear to Highway 16.

It is important to get a good base and make sure the snow gets pushed far enough off the roadway that I will have room for the seasons snow. Jo-Ann just thinks I am having fun. "I saw you plowing places y0u don't even go in the summer time", she opined. Obviously she doesn't understand the subtle nature of plowing snow. The forethought and planning that goes into it. Humph! Fun indeed.

Well, maybe a little..

I am off to a sweat and then I have a couple of meetings after that so the tidying up can wait until tomorrow. Hope your day goes well and you don't have any problems with in- animate objects.

Or animate for that matter.


Oh Art, watching your activities is like watching a crystal ball. Whatever hits you will eventually hit us but maybe not as hard. Hey ! I can hope. Don't forget Mr Man with the B/P of a seventeen year old, regular rest, relaxation and reading is good for the heart too.

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