Lunch of Champions

The package on the left was in my Christmas stocking. The can of "Energy Drink" came from a 7-11. The combination, priceless. Not taste tested yet.

Not so with this soup. It has been thoroughly taste tested. This was the famous, and utterly delicious, smoked meat soup - complete with home made, whole wheat buns.
I made a quick run to the coast with Kevin and Sara to make a friends Birthday Party. She was 34 - and I'm not talking age. The place was packed. It was great seeing friends I've missed having face to face with. Some I haven't seen in over 20 years.

On the way down to the Coast, moving at highway speeds, Kevin snapped this picture through the window of the car :
Here's one he did in the Woods back at Xanadu. It reminds me of a Bev Doolittle painting and I keep looking for hidden horses..
This size, reduced a 1000% for the web, doesn't do the original justice. I am going to try and get it printed on canvas in a 24" X 36" size, directly from the original RAW image.

I am up later today, well tomorrow actually, at 3 am for the run back to Endako so I can dance around naked in the front yard and bang pots and pans at the stroke of midnight in celebration of another year on this planet. It's a twelve hour drive and I do it so that I miss rush hour traffic at this end and when I get up North it is still light and I don't have to depend solely on my illegal ( don't get me started) off road lights to make Moose butts visible.

On another note entirely..

Sete sal tmi swdyt?sotmg

If you can read that( and comprehend it) I'll bet your thumb has an extra joint. You won't need to decipher it with a texting dictionary.

I was reading an interesting, and slightly scary, piece today about how the WWW is dumbing us down. It was titled, "Is Google Making Us Stupid". Interestingly, I had to concentrate on reading the whole article instead of skimming the highlights. I thought it was only me. I Am beginning to suspect It's bigger, by far, than just the space in my own head.

I believe the danger we face is looking at the world in Twitter size chunks. Trying to live our lives in 120 characters or less. Remember a guy by the name of Marshall McLuhan?

Hope your day is interesting, your soup nourishing, and you still hear the birds doing the original twitter.


Viki said…
was so great to see you again my friend. Glad you could be there too.

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