Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

If you look closely I think you might be able to see Grandma waving from an upstairs window. We see her from time to time. Peeking our from behind a window curtain. We'll snow shoe up later today and drop off a care package. I think she likes visitors..

The animals are all in their mangers.
Jack, our new kitten, is saying hello to guest Lucy. Jack is an amazing cat with no fear of dogs, that has changed how Cleo relates to the cats. He adopted Cleo and became her buddy which I think really helped Cleo with the other cats. Quite funny to see Jack hanging onto Cleo's leash. Cleo went "off Leash" in the house yesterday. That's a real mile stone in her integration to the house pack. As a matter of fact Kevin also taught her to shake a paw. Here's a picture just after she was boring in the snow for mice:
Lucy, Kevin and Sara's Coon Hound, has been having a lot of fun in an unfamiliar environment. Learning all the great squirrel spots.
Xena's got a new fur coat for Christmas. It's filled right out.
She has been having a lot of fun showing Lucy the winter wonderland.

I will post some pictures of the Christmas tree later. Time for me to make some breakfast burritos..

Hope your having fun today.


Viki said…
And a merry Christmas to all of you up there at Xanadu! That's Cleo's normal winter face--full of snow.

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