Electrifying News

Now don't try this at home folks. I'm a trained professional.

I'm installing an emergency power system so that when our power is out we can keep essential electrical equipment operating. Our grid power disappears at least half a dozen times a year, not counting minor outages. The longest outage we've had so far is about a week. Usually they happen right after snow storms. Essential systems for us are two freezers, a fridge, some CFL lighting and two laptops. We have a wireless internet connection that is beamed to us from a mountain about 15 kilometres away. It enabled us to reach the outside world during major outages. After a day or so the batteries in the local telephone exchange building run down so there is no land line service. Lighting isn't a big need as it is covered by flashlights and Coleman lamps. At least one readily available flashlight is strategically placed in each room. We have wood heating and gravity fed water so we can stay warm and flush the toilets. Large plastic tote boxes contain our power outage cooking system: a Coleman stove, coffee pot, kettle. We also use our propane barbecue year round. The end result is that power outages become an adventure and not a disaster.

On another note: I was working on my manifesto for world domination last night when Jo-Ann snapped this photo.

Typical lounging about at night, snuggle down gear. The flannel night shirt would do an Edwardian gentleman proud. Or an Al Qaeda terrorist. The Lucha Libre face mask, not strictly necessary, but does get me in the mood. Not shown in the picture are thick wool slippers with lambswool liners.

Hope your having a not too serious day.


Daughter One said…
Ruh-Roh. The Manifesto Again? Avec Mask?

Also not shown in picture: Daughter rushing to Endako accompanied by large men carrying a special "snuggly wrap your arms around yourself jacket" with plans to take you on "a vacation"...

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