It warmed up to zero, two days later we had a foot of snow and temperatures went back down to the -30's with a daytime temp of -25. And it was time to get the Christmas tree. We didn't have one picked out this year but I had a path plowed out to the field and we "donned our gay apparel", layers of thermal underwear, wool underwear, down jackets, wool and leather mitts - with inner gloves, full face balaclavas and neoprene face masks. I'm still not having any luck with my glasses freezing up - even with a new mask I purchased at Mountain Equipment Co-op.

And then we had to pee. Mothers everywhere it gets cold, are familiar with that phenomenon. We found a few candidates and then a nice blue spruce.
After posing in front of a candidate tree and waiting for the resident and guest photogs to immortalize the moment we chopped down a nice one, trussed it up and towed it back to the path so we could skid it back up the driveway to the garage to season for the night. Tomorrow we will trim it and put it up.

Son-in-law Kevin smoked up a pile of beef brisket. An eight hour labour of gastronomical perfection. Not counting preparing the rub and sauces. Thanks to Mempis Blues restaurant for the recipes. It was so cold we had trouble maintaining a decent smoking temperature and had to resort to placing some metal wind shields around the smoker and covering that with insulation.

That did the trick and the beef came out superbly. A tender smokey flavored, fork tender, cut of local Blue Beef, served with baked beans, cold slaw and sweet potato baked fries. That repast has us all laying back in our chairs after supper.

Hope you had a great day and looking forward to tomorrows festivities.


Denise E said…
Merry Christmas Art!!! Pass the wishes on to Jo.

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