The Great Snow Adventure

Today we rolled out of bed late. Still feeling the tryptophan stupification from the smoked turkey supper yesterday.

It was a glorious thing. Not a large turkey only about 5 kilos, much larger wouldn't have fit in the smoker. Took about four hours. Well worth the effort. Kevin's secret turkey rub added a succulent finish to it.

We were anxious to try out our new inventions: Snot Dots, and Booger Bands. Snot dots are plush fabric circles that are strategically attached to the back of winter mitts with a Velcro patch.

They make clearing iced up glasses, or even, as the name suggests, iced up noses. Booger bands are the same idea but simply slip over winter mittens and can be rotated to find an un-used section as need be.

We didn't get the snow shoes strapped on and started out until about two p.m. Sara got some new shoes for Christmas and here's a photo of her making the first ascent of Mount Aras.

She ascended by the technically challenging West face rather than the somewhat less adventuresome East ridge line route. The Eastern route is typically used by Endako Mountain guides to ferry less active adventure tourists to the heights.

While the altimeter we used was uncalibrated the actual height above driveway had to be at least four feet. You can see the look of satisfaction on her face as she stands under the brilliant blue sky.

A little after two p.m. we struck out East along the daunting gas line route . Some what late in the day to complete the full seven kilometers.

It was wonderfully quiet. A silent jet flew overhead, twin contrails cleaving an azure sky

At one point we snowshoed by a small frozen over pond. As it was getting late and the temperature dropping a snow fog was settling over it
This picture of the trek team illustrates the use of the "Kevin Long Arm", photographic technique.

We elected to take the hounds with us on our winter adventure. While we did five kilometeres, the dogs must have zigzagged their way, noses to the snow, at least twice as far. They are exhausted now and all hunkered down around the house. Not a lot of noise coming from them. - except the occasional snore.

As we started out late darkness came over us around five o'clock and we decided, caution being the better part of valor, to call for an extraction. Jo-Ann met us at the Highway 16 and Savory junction with Sara and Kevin's 4X4 equipped Ford Escape just as the last of the light faded. She ferried the four of us, three dogs, four sets of snow shoes, ski poles and un-eaten snacks, back to the house for hot chocolate and marshmallows. The Christmas lights glowing like a beacon on the South Fence as the driveway came across the South Pasture.


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