The Road Less Traveled.

Cuz it's -35 and getting colder. The chickens are laying frozen eggs.

I like the look on Cleo's face: Yikes! Dad are you going to wear that?
I guess it would give me a start too, if I wasn't expecting it.

Indeed I am. No problem keeping the core warm. Even the hands. A pair of light knit glove, then a wool glove then a thick lambswool insulated leather over-mitt. Toasty. The trick is to keep my glasses from icing over. When I wear a face mask to keep my schnozz from freezing I just can't seem to keep my glasses from freezing over.

When we spent a lot of time, a few years ago, winter camping we wore face masks with snow goggles. I still had them but when I went to put them on the foam lining had all deteriorated and just wouldn't work. I went into town but the local sports store doesn't have any so will have to wait until I get to a bigger centre in order to grab a pair.

In the mean time I got the brainiac idea to try a pair of safety goggles. Well they worked for about one kilometer and then back to ice over.
Now how's that for a face you'd like to meet some dark night? Not me.

I put an extra heater in the chicken run, plugged in the vehicles and now I think I will work on the emergency lighting project. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to fire the generator up and with the flick of a switch have lights, and computers, and T.V. during a power outage.


Denise E said…
Wow that's chilly! Do the dogs complain about cold paws? MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Viki said…
Does Cleo still burrow in the snow chasing snowballs?
Art Blomquist said…
Indeed she does! We've got a couple of great shots of her with a frozen schnoz. Her and Xena form quite the little snow mouse hunting team. Xena finds them and Cleo provides the heavy excavation equipment function.
Art, you look FABULOUS ! Anyone can look attractive in the summer but it takes someone very special to pull off the multilayer look. I solved my own "frosted glass" issue last year with lasik surgery. I highly recommend it. No more falling down the basement steps due to fogged up glasses, when I come in from the cold.
Wendy said…
Dang! That's cold! It's downright balmy here in Maine by comparison.

Hey, did you hear the one about the little old lady who lived on the US/Canadian border in northern Maine?

One day they came to survey her property, and when they were done, they told her that she did, indeed, live on the US side of the border.

In response to the news she said, "Thank goodness. I hear those Canadian winters are brutal." :)
Suzanne said…
Happy Christmas to you and Jo and the critters.
Yike it look realllllllly cold. I guess because it is.


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