Black Radish

We decided to try a different type of radishe having grown a couple of crops of the ubiquitous red radishes. I noticed a package of Black Radishes at the Knapps and so we took them home and stuck them in a tire. Strange beasts. Of course we didn't do any research on them until now. The seem to grow like weeds but most of them have huge, two and a half feet stalks and tiny, for the size of the stem, heads. And they are black. I pulled one of the ones that hadn't gone to seed and here it is. What a surprise.b I expected a little radish size head and lo and behold:

Really quite a weird vegetable. Apparently a very old one, with the ancient Egyptians using it.


Kevin said…
how did it taste? It looks more like a beet.
Art Blomquist said…
They taste like a combination of Kolorabi and Radish with the texture of a Turnip. Some German friends of ours dropped by for an overnight visit and when the walked in spotted it on the cutting board, new instantly what it was, and showed me the "correct" way to eat it. Which is: slice it thin and then peel black skin off, and eat with some salt. Really quite nice. Apparently quite good for the respiration.
Viki said…
Hey, you should try golden beets. They're scrumptuous

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