Summer Vacation at Last.

I'll think I'll spend it doing stuff. I managed to get all my commitments polished off and now I can spend some time doing some chores around the place. Like finishing the Chicken runs, getting the skid steer mobile and maybe planting a late tire garden.I've discovered a new way to make a tire garden. By reversing a 16 inch truck tire and painting the inside white it makes a great cold frame. The curved white surface on the inside reflects the light and the black tire outside collects the heat. We have been doing a little test with some of them and in the sun lately it was getting over 40 degrees centigrade inside. Too hot to grow anything but it sure showed what the set up is capable off. Going to do another run of radishes and lettuce, maybe some spinach. Our crop has all bolted.


Kevin said…
how did you get those turned inside out? There must be a secret, since it seemed like a 700lb gorilla was required when I was there.
Art Blomquist said…
Ah, the ones you see turned inside out are 16" truck tires. Although there is a trick to doing it. I don't know if it is possible to turn a logging truck tire, but then I really don't have to, I just cut the top tire a couple of inches back from the bead, and use a bottom piece to hold the plastic, or garden cloth. I am off to Burns tomorrow to get some more. I think I need around a 100. It's 9c here today and raining so the cold frames are needed.

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