What's up Doc

Carrots that's for sure! We planted a tire full in mid July and now they are ready for the table. We experimented with two different varieties. A short stubby one (Red Cored Chantenay) and a long one ( Imperator). I think the short one makes more sense in the tires we're growing them in. We have a pretty good crop of Kohl Rabi (purple Vienna) but a mouse and some slugs have been wrecking havoc on them.

The new garden is going well. I am getting some risers and tops ready for painting. That's a tire with both sidewalls cut out and one with just the top cut out, respectively. Together with the parts that were cut out they make a great cold frame. We planted the new garden August the 6th and the red radishes will need thinning in a couple of days. I am going to try using the tire coldframes with lightbulbs inside for heat to see if I can keep them growing when the temperature drops. It will be snowing here come mid September so it will be interesting.


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