The Road Ahead

Wow, just got our internet back running. After Eight days. Time to start thinking aboout a satellite system. We've been progressing around the joint, getting it ready for winter. Started the road building excercise. Tom and a friend of his, Eddie came up and we managed to get 14 loads at about 16 yards each onto the road. Maybe another 40 or so loads to go. The skidsteer blew a starter motor so that put a bit of a cramp in the process but Tom managed to spread the road bed with the big shovel, after walking it down from the gravel pit. Any way we got a good bed near the house, which was about the worse part of the whole road and made a good start on the hills.

One of the joys of my life is finding artifacts around the place of an earlier era. When nothing was wasted and most things were hand built. I've really admired some of the old gates that are around. All hand built. This one, below has handbuilt hardware, probably made in the blacksmith shop that was tacked on to the original log cabin.


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