What a Load A...

Well, wood. We are starting some of our Fall Projects. The things we do to get ready for winter. Like get the wood in and cut the Blue Shed in half. Things like that. Tom bought a new dumping trailor, and that sure makes getting the winter wood in quite a lot faster. And easier. A couple of more loads and we'll be set up for the season.

One of those old sayings is you get what you pay for. Have to say there is some truth in that. I have managed to burn out a couple of lightweight ( read Cheap ) recipricating saws when cutting up 24.5 inch logging truck tires to make cold frames for the new "re-tired" Garden. Finally we went to the Home Depot and bought a heavy duty Milwaukee sawzall. What a difference. I cut one tire that had an inch and a half thick sidewall. Easy Peasy. If it ever drys out I will be able to get the insides of the tires painted white. These are the parts that go on top of the tires that have the soil in them to act as cold frames. We are seeing if we can extend the growing season into October or even later.


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