Ready for the Road Gang

The Kenworth made it into the yard yesterday after some work with the clutch. We did some spring repair on the front axles and need to replace a valve for the rear gate and then we're ready to start digging the gravel and spreading it on the road. With a little over a kilometer of road averaging about 300 centimeters thick, why that's only, let's see now, at 3 meters wide say, about 900 cubic meters. Or about 1177.16 Cubic Yards. If I figure about 5 cubic yards per load ( light I know but it's hilly ) that would be around 235 trips. So I think this year, just the real bad spots get graveled. At around $200 bucks a truck load that would be, let's see now... about $47,000 bucks. Jeez, good thing I have my own gravel pit...


Kevin said…
You better hurry up or you will be putting on top of the snow!

What happened to summer?

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