Chicken Rustlers

We finally finished the chicken run which connects the tractor to the chicken house. the tractor moves around the run and connects to the blue plastic pails that are one the end and sides of the run. What fun trying to rustle up 10 chickens and a rooster. We were going to try it at night with headlamps but thought that might look a bit like an alien abduction to them. And trying to catch chickens in the dark, well... It was a two person job thats for sure. They had a lot of running room in the barn and a couple of them were Olympic class runners and hurdlers. The Rooster turned out to be quite the high jumper. Once they were all moved out to the tractor they seemed to settle down and enjoy the grass, bugs and sunshine. I hope they get a week or so of that before they have to spend there time back in side. I suspect egg production might be down for a day or two. Couldn't really blame them. But it's hard to reason with chickens.


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