Making Hay While The Sun Shines....'s not really raining much..
Actually it's silage, a chopped mixture of peas and Barley, or wheat in this case. The silage provides a high quality feed for the cattle in the winter months ( like the next five..) It takes a lot to keep them going. Walter, my neighbor, has a large silage pit that is lined with concrete blocks. It's about 50 by 100 feet. It's filled now and we're making another pile, no blocks and right on the ground. This takes a bit of finesse with the tractor.Yesterday when I pulled up to drop another load I noticed the tractor laying at a precarious angle on the side of the pile and Shannon, Walt's daughter, walking around. She had a stain on her pants that she attributed to spilled coffee. If it was me the stain wouldn't have been just coffee. No harm done tho, Walter came and pulled it out with a big 966 Loader that he has.


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