New Family Members

Yesterday, the Home-on-the-hill gang grew by a couple of additions. Boose, a five year old female Calico cat, and Wasi, a four week old male grey and brown tabby kitten. They were having a free cat sale at the Vet's when we took Xena in for her shots yesterday. Boose,(Carrier Indian for "cat") was abandoned and looked a little ratty for a Calico but the vets nursed her back to health and when they found out I was looking for a shop cat they offered her up saying she was a little hard to handle. When I went to her cage she came running to me. The vet had a towel to pick her up with as she was scratched the last time she was handling Boose. I went in and the cat practically jumped in my arms and I put her in the cat carrier. I have her set up in my shop while she figures out that it's going to be her new home. Not that she is having any trouble fitting in. I spent some time with her yesterday in the shop. She checked it all out and comes running whenever I come into the shop. She spent an hour sleeping on my lap. The shop mice are going to be in for a surprise tonight.

Wasi (Carrier for "lynx") lost his mom in a car accident and still needs to be bottle fed. He has a voracious appetite and is just starting to feed on cat food mixed with formula. He seems to be settling right in. Xena insists on giving him licks. The other cats don't want anything to do with him. I think that will change tho.Anyway, I am waiting for the road crew to arrive. We are going to spend Saturday and Sunday adding gravel to the hills and wet spots in the lower road.


Carol said…
AWWWW! Look! I love to hear when animals get saved and rescued. Your tiny kitty is VERY cute. I think the shop cat will do just fine. Congratulations!

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