Fall is here

Actually I think fall happened around mid August with the day time temperatures of around 10c. Night time now its falling to 4c, with reports of frost in the valley a couple of days ago. The fall colours start at the ground level with the rose and berry bushes turning yellow. The grass in the fields is losing it's summertime green and starting to brown up. The hummingbirds are gone and we see ducks and geese using Pond, James Pond as a stop over. The Sandhill cranes are still here. I think they are late stayers. We have seen a lot of coyotes fattening up on grasshoppers and field mice and Saskatoon berry bear poop is all over our roads and paths. Mushrooms are every where, all different sizes and shapes.

Jo-Ann has been taking some great pictures of them with her digital camera.

Were putting away the winter's wood. I am going to go up to the Pond where we have about 30 acres of now bug-killed pine that is pretty much perfectly dried out and try a trailer load or so this winter. I put a fire on in the blue shed the other day to warm it up so I could finish painting the chicken run. We haven't had a single month this year that we haven't had the furnace or the fireplace on to take a night time, and now, daytime chill off the place.

Assuming I get the chicken run done today I will start work on converting the Red Shed to a green house and winter chicken coop.

The old thresher is going to the museum in town. Apparently were waiting for them to build a shed for it.

I was pricing out grow lights on the internet because I want to have an all winter crop. Now thats a bit of a sticker shock. Something tells me their not catering to the guy who wants to grow a couple of tomato plants and some lettuce for Christmas dinner.

Xena is starting to thicken up her coat. I think she knows something about the coming winter..


Carol said…
Hey Art! You're a fun guy! Hehe...oh wait I think I used that one before. Darn it.

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