Chop Wood Carry Water

Chop Wood Carry Water, the title of a spiritual book I read some time ago that stressed simplicity. But we use a lot of wood and that's a lot of chopping so we went out and bought an electric wood splitter. Woo Hoo! It was just a little 4 ton capacity one, but it's not having any trouble reducing the big 14 and 16 inch pine rounds we have to fire and furnace wood.

It handles anything up to about 20 inches long, which is good for our furnace. We could use two foot rounds but they get quite heavy when they are off the 16 inch butt of a house building log. A fellow was commenting to me that if the wood's good it's just as quick to chop it with a maul. Maybe. And if you have a lot more energy than I do. I came home the other day and Jo had cut up half a cord of wood for the shop. And she sure can't handle the large splitting maul, or wedge and sledge hammer. Anyway it's sure made splitting the wood a lot easier. And we have another three or four cords to split up, to do us for the winter. We just got our Hydro bill and they still owe us a $167.00 from last winter. That reflects an equal billing plan and our change to primarily use the wood side of our electric/wood furnace. And of course the fireplace upstairs.

The trees have all changed colour. Most of the Aspen are yellow, some with a red tinge. It happens quickly after the first fall frosts. Quite a breathtaking fall view from the veranda.

After lunch I am off to haul silage for a neighbor of ours. Trying to get it in before the rain or worse, the snow, ruins it.


Carol said…
You're the new haircut boy!!

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