First Frost

This was a picture that gave Jo-Ann a bit of a stir before she snapped it.
At first glance it looked like the infamous funnel cloud. But no, just a weird atmospheric phenomonem.

Today was the first frost. In Fraser lake it was -3c this morning. It was a beautiful day yesterday and a clear night. The milky way is stunning here on a clear night.

We got to try out the new Chicken Coop yesterday. I had planted a couple of eggs in the two nests and they attracted another 8 eggs. I was somewhat surprised as I thought production would be down after the move. I got a kick out of this picture. Jo-Ann snapped it when the chickens peeked around a corner to see what the Dog commotion was all about.

I need to add some more roosts. The ones I build along the side of the Coop aren't being used. Probably too cramped. When I looked in after dark last night I saw four of them roosting on a cable I put in to hold the water and feed cans. Talk about a bird on a wire.


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