Garden Update

The re-tired garden is coming along. The spuds are doing great. Probably has something to do it the handful of bone meal that we placed under each one:

These are the spuds in the "little tires" The bag full of spuds experiment.
Brassicas are doing well. Cabbages, Broccoli appear to be happy campers:

some of the tomatoes, unfortunately, didn't do well with the near zero temps of a week ago. but they do show signs of bouncing back. A gardener's hope springs eternal.

A crop I can always count on, Lamb's quarters, an easy weed to pick but a prolific grower. Fortunately quite tasty with a bit of oil and vinegar.

We are starting to thin the turnips. I do it in several stages to make sure that the ones I leave are going to be strong.

the onion sets are up and running. I had a sneak taste preview: ummmm goood.

Today's project ( and the last couple of days) is getting shelves into the revamped Fuel Shed, so I have a place for all the stuff in the Red Shed so that I can transmogrify it into, well - either a garden shed or a green house. Not sure yet. Stay tuned.


Walter Jeffries said…
Lambs quarter is something that grows all over the place here. I hadn't realized to eat it until about two years ago when a visitor pointed it out.

We too have lots of the wild strawberries out in the fields and the woods where the trees are thinner. They love our acidic soil. It is hard to pick enough wild ones to store up for a year which is why I planted the domestic variety. We also have lots of raspberries and blackberries, the big thimble kind. Both of those are easier to pick in large quantities.

Yesterday we just ran out of last year's strawberries, on crepes for lunch. Good timing for the coming crop.

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