When One Door Closes..

We got the shop's garage door up and working! It sure makes getting things, like the skidsteer, in and out of the shop a whole lot easier!

We've had the blue plastic on so long it is startling to look out the window and realize that it's not there anymore. The inside appears to have grown:



It has been very cold lately. Like -1 in Fraser Lake. The local potato grower in the valley below us has lost his entire spud crop. We've had to light a fire in the small upstairs heater a couple of times now. And we've had to put coats and hats on to go on the morning walk.

But the garden grows. We had a feast of baby Turnip greens last night.

The latest flowers to come up are Columbine and Camomile. And the Doggies are managing to walk through a herd of cows without any chasing..

Tonight I'm off to a bit of a celebration in town. There will be cake.. Life is good.


Viki said…
you sayin' Cleo doesn't chase the cows? Amazin'

Hope you had a nice cake night! Looks good to me.
Kevin said…
Happy Cake Day!
I am glad you have had so many!


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