A Sweet Day

We sorta took the day off. Other than doing the usual chores. I cleaned up the shop so I can work on the skidsteer and we planted sweet potatoes.

We really like sweet potatoes, but our zone 3 climate means growing them takes some special care. We managed to get some slips and a book from a sweet potato guru Ken Allen. He's forgotten more about sweets than I will ever learn.

The slips look a little worse for wear, having been shipped from Ontario and I could almost hear them sigh with delight when we got them in the specially prepped tires.

I was surprised to learn how much heat the sweets take. And that's one thing we have learned to do around here is heat up the vegie's with our re-tired garden.

We planted them in slits in the plastic and then sealed the slits with sand to keep the hot air in.
The water coming from the hose is very warm - sweet potatoes, actually most veggies, don't much like bathing in ice cold water. I will be working on a water pre-heating system. ( other than several lengths of hose left in the sun) to do the rest of the garden.

I was surprised to see a tomato and the start of a brocolli head.

Thinning the radishes I managed to gorge myself on the red succulent goodness.

Well O.K. that was in my mind. I did wolf down one itsy bitsy one. I learned the only way I know how that radishes don't transplant worth beans.

Hope your having a great day and that your garden is a victory.


Viki said…
Good work. Yum, sweet potatoes home grown!

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