Gate Progress

We took the weekend off to watch "The Longest Day" and a "Band of Brothers" marathon. We needed the time off and we also wanted to observe D-Day.

We slept in until 7:30 a.m. A big difference than Friday when we got up at 4 a.m. to beat the heat while we worked on the lower, Savory Gate.

This first pic is of the West side of the Main Gate at the house. It was a whole lot of work as we removed the cattle guard and dug it out to clean the ditch under it. And then filled the sides back in with old railway ties and added a 20 inch culvert to the drainage ditch we had dug earlier on the East side of the road. And we did it on the hottest day so far this year. Upwards of 30°C. It sure felt great to have it done. Painting later. The vertical slats are from the outbuilding that was built around the trees. We kinda like the look of the wood so I will just clear coat it. The posts go Hunter Green and the rails are stained white. The posts have LED lights attached to the tops.

So it took about a week to complete three sets of gates. The Savory gate will have a couple of 2 X 6 three bar fences to add to it and make it look a little nicer than the barb wire. That will happen soon, but probably after we do some mechanical repairs to our skid steer and install the main shop overhead door.

Here's a before:

and after:
Looking towards Savory Road:

Jo-Ann looked a little worse for wear, but happy to be done, when we finished at 7 p.m.


Anonymous said…
E-E-Ha! Job done.
Denise E said…
Anonymous was me
Art Blomquist said…
Well mostly done. Painting and fencing comes a little later..

A walk down the fence line and were ready for 100 or so head of cattle.
Kevin said…
WOW, Nice job on the gates! They look great. Where is the 3rd one, on the way up to Grandma's?

Art Blomquist said…
The third gate is the one that leads to Grandma's
Yeoman said…
Couple of great films there. We recently watched those ourselves.

By the way, while I'm south of the border, my one relative who was in D-Day was north of it.

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