Horseing Around

Our neighbors dropped by yesterday between thunder showers.

They were on their four legged ATV's checking on the cattle. They had to bring the Doggies back which were very interested in what they were doing. Their comments about the dogs were telling: The black one ( Cleo) was really good, the Blond one (Xena) wouldn't listen. Sounds about right - we've noticed some changes in Xena lately - were attributing it to the teenage years.

The garden is doing well despite the ridiculous, near zero, weather. Last nights supper included some additions from the Garden:

Today I am going to have to chop some more kindling. I am pretty sure that I will have to light the fire a few more times.


Viki said…
Just ate a salad from fixin's bought at Farmer's Market--white salad turnips YUM YUM YUM My fave

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