On the Skid

Jo-Ann and I spent the day re-installing the main hydraulic filter and rebuilding the skid steer's carburetor. It was the first time I had done that and was very relieved when the skid steer started up with some new vigour. After a bit of cursing mechanical designers and the lack of a forth joint on my arm and 10 inch fingers with extra swivel joints. I don't suppose I will ever know the answer as to why a bolt can't be moved in the design stage 1/4 of an inch so a normal socket will fit. I guess the one about a mechanical engineer's revenge upon finding a mechanic messing with his wife..
But the good news after another 75$ refill of hydraulic oil:
Nice to have it running again. When it's not working it can really slow things down around here. Now to figure out how to set the idle.

On our morning walk we noticed the Saskatoon berries are forming. It looks like it could be a bumper crop this year.

The Girls like to oversee the garden work from the shade at the back of the shop

Today we tackle the garage overhead door. Now that the skidsteer is not hunkered down in front of it.


Carol Browne said…
Aww! Sweet. I love that the dogs are such good pals. And your new big photo of the big house looks amazing.

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