The Electric Kitchen Table

Our kitchen table often gets used as a lap top base station. It's just nice to sit at the table and peruse the www while having breakfast or a lovely cup of tea. The problem we faced was only one outlet near the table and it was on the floor as they didn't drill the logs for wiring when they installed them. The problem is that using a power bar to make additional outlets just isn't that satisfactory. It sits on the floor getting underfoot, and we've even had one melt a bit after residing for a time on the heat register. The solution was to take the kitchen table into the shop and add a couple of outlet bars to the table itself and then just have one plug from the table to the outlet.

Neat. When our friends RT and Rhoda get here for some Easter celebrations we can all sit at the table and use our laptops with out getting knitted in the power cords.
Xena has a new sister now and were working on integration. It's sure going well. Cleo seems to be adapting to the Cats. Time will tell. Chickens and cows next - but a little at a time I am sure most dogs can be trained. Well, humans can be trained - dogs just work it out..


Carol Browne said…
Awesome idea. And your shop looks great. So organized and bright! Well done.

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