Garden Dreams or Lettuce Begin...

Snow melt water is gurgling in the bottom creek near the lower cattle guard. I have been waiting a week for it to happen. This temporary brook was the one we got water from to fight the fire a neighbor had set last year. It carries quite a bit of water, draining the whole top side of the bottom eighty acres. It will continue until early summer, passing through a culvert across Savory road and down a steep grass and Poplar lined gully eventually ending up in the Pacific ocean via the Nechako and Fraser rivers.

The snow is rapidly disappearing around the yard revealing all the winter lost toys, bottles and other doggie strewn play paraphernalia. When It dries a little more we can get into the spring ritual. Cleaning up the yard.

I suspect Jo-Ann's Marmot is rising from it's winter bed to greet the Spring . Cleo was very interested in the burned out pile of fallen Poplar that was the Marmot's domicile. Much more attention than she would give a paltry vole.

The small upstairs heater is now keeping the place toasty. It's creaking and crackling melody a quiet soothing backdrop to the kitchen. No wonder the kitchen with its "electric table" has become our office of choice. It's been a couple of days since we started the big RSF wood furnace downstairs and then only for a small load or so to chase away the early morning chill. Turning on the electric furnace is akin to burning money and was only done this winter when we had the chimney repair project underway.

I was in the garden today. Looking at the tires and seeing what I have to do to get them in shape. Basically that consists of gluing tin foil to the risers- the top tire that has both ends cut out- to help reflect the sunshine and putting plastic on the lids. It was nice when the sun came out for a brief moment. I still needed to wear the big muck sucking gum boots when I used the hoe to clear the running snow melt into the ditch we dug last year. I turned the surface soil over in the tires to let the light get at the frozen innards. I suspect with any kind of luck and a bit of sun I can start some cold weather lettuce by the end of the month. I turned the re tired compost pile and scheduled it for another toss in two weeks time. Well the computer does the scheduling, I do the turning. With some help from the very curious dogs.


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