Weather or Not

RT & Family are going back to Prince Rupert Today. They picked a not so especially nice day to do it. There was a couple of inches of snow on the road when they left.

An hour later of course, the wind came up, the clouds lifted and everything was gone.

Oh well I am sure it will eventually stop and I still haven't taken the plow off of the skid steer so I am sure it isn't anything serious. A check of the web cams on Highway 16 shows that the snow is pretty localized.

Later in the day we loaded up the dogs into the van and started to make our way to Fraser Lake. I haven't been to the hardware for two days and they miss me. I said tried because the van had been parked between the house and the shop - right where all the run off from the garage roof goes.

Oh well, fire up the skid steer attach a 20 foot chain to the rear trailer hitch of the van and secure it to the skid steer:

And slick as mud were out and on our way. The snow blade is staying on for a few more days..

One more part of the yard that is going to get some drainage and gravel. Hopefully we will be able to start that project in a week or so. In parallel with starting up the garden.


Denise E said…
What would you do without the skidsteer. It has been a working hero through all seasons. I wish I had one.
Art Blomquist said…
It would make a huge change in the operation to not have it. I did have some problems with it but am slowly getting it rebuilt. We were thinking of not using it and just letting the road get snowed over but come spring the water would wash the road away.

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