Barrels of Fun

Yesterday I installed six 45 gallon drums in the Green House.  I had painted them a flat black to help them absorb sunlight.  They sit against the North wall of the Ghouse and absorb sunlight releasing their accumulated BTU's when the temperature drops.  Some more thermal mass to keep the temperature in the place stable.
The red plastic on the three closest tires helps the tomatoes to get larger and keeps moisture in the soil.
We continued with the transplanting and weathered a couple of thunder showers.  Even with the rain the garden is getting pretty parched and job one this morning is to take care of that problem.  Then some more shelf building in the Ghouse and maybe getting the water plumbed so we can get back to drip irrigation.  The small potted plants need to be watered several times a day by hand to keep them from wilting.

We are looking forward to a visit from my Sister and her husband today.  Always fun!

Hope your having your share today also.


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