Forget the Candle: Use Compact Flourescents..

Making a bit more progress in the Green House.  I have the two main "tub"s , two by four and plywood trays made and water proofed ready for plastic liners and tires and soil.  Maybe if I get the fences repaired in time today.  We've been suffering through an infusion of yearlings through the barbwire in a few places.

While I save up some money for some high pressure, or even l.E.D. grow lights I wired in some Rube Goldberg substitutes.  They are 43 watt compact florescent's and  are pretty bright. The electrician cobbled them together from old round fixtures with  Pizza pie party plates as reflectors.  They work surprisingly well.  At midnight last, under a full moon, we took a drive down to highway 16 to see if we would notice the lights.  Very easy to see from several kilometers away. 

This is a bad thing.  Beware.  Microwave popcorn that smells like bacon.  And tastes pretty wonderful too.  Junk food supreme.  Not good at all.  If you come across it, send it to me for safe keeping so that you may continue with your non chemically infused lifestyle.  Do not ask for it back.  I can quit anytime I want to - I just don't want to.

Hope you are having a rejuvenating weekend.


Compact Flourescents is safer too than candles. Plus it is much cheaper right.

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