Trouble With the Armies

And my leggies arn't much better.  I cut the tires and put them in the green house.  Using "normal" size tires was a lot easier than using the logging truck tires that we use in the outside tire garden.  The ache in my arms comes from straining a yard or so of soil to put in the tires.

I made the Blom-omatic 2000 soil conditioner, er strainer, in the morning and we used that to mix together some of the clay soil we have been conditioning with compost and sand, with some of the black salvaged soil from the old horse coral and several bags of peat moss and perlite.  A nice loose mix with a lot of organics in it.

Today we will plant Tomatoes, Cucumbers,  and herbs in the green house.  And put some squash outside and re pot a bunch of flowers which can stay in the green house for another week or so.  Were also going to try some Stevia, a natural sweetener.

Hope your having a sweet day.  And your armies don't hurt too much.


My armies and leggies also hurt after a hard days work on our farm but lately the butties are even worse as I learn to use leg muscles more and back muscles less. Your greenhouse looks FABULOUS. Job well done !!!!

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